Six Ways to Explain Low Housing Inventory

2 September 2016
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LexingtonEver wonder why the lack of homes on the market creates increased prices?  Here are six factors to help you understand the logic behind the forever fluctuating housing market:

  1. Bad time for homeowners: One out of five homeowners with a mortgage still doesn’t have enough equity to sell, thereby making a significant impact on low inventory levels.

Q & A: Renting vs. Buying

30 August 2016
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Gorgeous LandscapingThere are many advantages of owning vs. renting a home. This Q&A spells out why it’s a better investment to own rather than rent.

  1. What are the tax advantages of buying vs. renting a home? One of the tax advantages of buying vs. renting is that you can deduct your insurance and interest costs on your home. There are also some significant advantages as far as building equity in your home without needing to pay income tax on it. Of course, you should check with your accountant for details.
  2. Will it cost you more to buy or rent? Actually, in today’s housing climate,  once you deduct your tax advantage/deductions it actually costs less to own than it does to rent.


Kitchen Trends for Your Dream Home

7 July 2016
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Kitchen renovations have hit an all time high when it comes to home redecorating. According to Houzz and Home Survey, kitchen splurges increased by 12 percent year-over-year. Whether you want to completely revamp your kitchen or just want to add a simple touch of glisten, you will find these trends from to be very useful towards achieving the kitchen of your dreams (more…)

Orrstown Bank Opens More Permanent Residence in Lancaster

29 June 2016
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KCH HouseOrrstown Bank, based out of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, is furthering their eastward development with the opening of a financial services office in Lancaster County last month.


How to Prepare a Home for Sale

23 June 2016
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Keystone Custom HomeListing your home on the market is one thing, selling it in a feasible amount of time is another. Buyers have high expectations and in order to sell your home quickly, it must lure buyers before they even walk through the door. Check out these 12 easy tips to prepare your home inside and out!

According to, you’ll want to:

1. Let There Be Light!– Pull up the shades, open the drapes, and turn on the lights. By bringing in natural light and making the rooms look more comfy and cozy, potential buyers will feel happier, relaxed, and at home upon entering.
2. Have Some Refreshments– Buyers may feel more at ease when making the nerve-racking decision to buy a home when they are greeted with some light refreshments and cookies, candy, or crackers.
3. Clean!– Clean up and rid the house of clutter before buyers’ arrive. Simplicity is everything. Also, don’t forget to take out the trash to eliminate of any unwanted smells.
4. Open the Ambiance– Open the windows and closets to let buyers see the spaciousness of the room and the capacity of the closets. The size of the closets is a really big selling point to buyers; just make sure clothes are hung up neatly and keep the floor clean and clutter-free.
5. Pay Attention to Senses– Make the room feel more homey and welcoming by paying close attention to the aroma of the room. The smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies is sure to win over buyers, or try a scented candle to fragrance the space.
6. Appeal to the Sense of Sight– Although a current homeowner may love how their yellow walls bring the feeling of sunshine and happiness to the room, potential buyers may not feel the same. In order to avoid a crash in opinion, take the guessing out of it by repainting all walls a neutral color. (more…)

Exciting 2016 Parade of Homes

14 June 2016
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Lexington The 2016 Parade of Homes was an exciting year for Keystone Custom Homes as the new Lexington Heritage Floor Plan was debuted. During the Parade, the Lexington at 926 Highmeadow Court in Lancaster attracted more than 3,000 visitors to its spectacular hillside location. This floor plan is our largest, consisting of 3,910 square feet above grade and an additional 1,685 square feet in the basement.

The Lexington is designed to make a big impression. It is a home built for entertaining throughout its open floor plan. The kitchen features monogram appliances, including a wall oven and microwave. And behind the kitchen, a separate pantry room includes its own cabinetry, open shelves and granite countertops. Seamlessly blending into the kitchen is the dining area, with a built-in serving nook and family room that boasts a gas fireplace. The family room also includes a large wall of windows, perfect for viewing the outdoors.

Perhaps as impressive as the main living area is the finished basement, which offers a two-tiered island with granite countertop and wine rack; a kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, sink and dishwasher; and a powder room. Two sets of sliding glass doors lead to a wraparound patio that mirrors the deck above. The basement also includes an unfinished cigar room and theater room. (more…)

Made-To-Order Donuts Have ‘Ducked’ Into Lancaster

9 June 2016
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Duck DonutsThat’s right, the up-and-coming donut chain, Duck Donuts, opened their first Pennsylvania location last month in Lancaster County, thanks to franchisees Todd and Mimi Bidelman.

Duck Donuts’ signature product is made-to-order donuts, but hungry customers can also enjoy premium roasted coffee and breakfast sandwich options. The franchise was originally founded in Duck, North Carolina by Russell A. DiGilio.

“Our fans tell us over and over that we are on the right track,” said DiGilio. “We will always strive to offer you a clean, courteous, fun, family friendly scrumptious experience when you visit our stores.”


Keystone Custom Homes Builds Exactly Where You Want To Be

8 June 2016
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Keystone Custom HomeKeystone Custom Homes strives to provide quality construction and exceptional customer service to our clients. Staying true to this aspiration, it should come as no surprise that Keystone also aims to build exactly where our clients desire to live across Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland, specifically in growing areas such as Harrisburg and the York.

According to a post by Central Penn Business Journal, Harrisburg and York areas posted strong home sales in April.

York County home sales’ median sale price increased 5 percent to $147,000 and home sales in general also increased with 1,530 homes sold, up 15 percent.

Harrisburg has also seen some significant change since last April, with the median sale price down to $160,000 from the previous year’s $163,000. Sales in the Harrisburg area have increased 13.2 percent with 739 sales in April. (more…)

Landscaping Ideas to Avoid

24 May 2016
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Gorgeous Landscaping

Take these tips as what to avoid when landscaping, and use this photo as inspiration for what to do.

As summer begins and warmer weather continues, you know it’s time to take extra care of your landscape. We all know of the homes that people marvel at their well-kept yards, but we also remember those yards that we wonder if anyone still lives there because of how bad it might look. To give your home a wonderful curb appeal and not be “that” neighbor, here are a few landscaping ideas to avoid:

Doing Too Much

Giving your home curb appeal takes effort, but you don’t want to do too much. The landscape should compliment your beautiful home, not be the focal point. A variety of shrubs and trees that fit your home well can do the trick. However, remember to get trees and shrubs that won’t grow too tall and take over your home. If you do use a large tree, don’t plant it too close to your house. It could cause damage to your home and take away attention from your home.

Not Using a Variety of Plants

Even though you may love one certain type of plant, using just that one can make your yard and potentially home look plain. It is best to use a variety of plants and colors to grab someone’s attention and add to the beauty of your home. Different plants bloom at different times, so research and use a variety to have more colors throughout the year. (more…)

Solar Power Takes Center Stage at Democratic Debate

11 May 2016
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Energy Plus HomeAs the 2016 election gets closer, the stakes get higher and the number of candidates gets smaller. During this period, all the presidential candidates are focusing on issues important to them and the nation. One topic of debate getting a lot of attention from the Democratic Party is solar power and clean energy. TecHome Builder dives into this issue.

Both Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton want to see an increase of solar power in the United States; however, they have differing views on how we get there.

As for Clinton, her goal is to have 500 million solar panels in use in the United States by the end of her first term. She also would implement a plan to increase the amount of clean resources for electricity, such as wind power and solar energy, to every home within 10 years. This is a large and bold goal, but she wants to get away from burning so much coal and move towards clean energy as quickly as possible. (more…)

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